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Our Staff

Our Staff


Marcia Caban

Executive Director

(212) 838-5122 x2001 or (212) 508-3080

Drew Brown

Executive Assistant to the Executive Director

(212) 838-5122 x2002

Kenny Liebowitz

Legal Counsel

(212) 838-5122, x2015

Ashley Witkowski

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

(212) 838-5122 x2000

Angela W. Buchdahl

Senior Rabbi

(212) 838-5122 x1000

Daniel Mutlu

Senior Cantor

(212) 838-5122 x1000

Maurice A. Salth


(212) 838-5122 x1000

Ari S. Lorge


(212) 838-5122 x1000

Daniel S. Ross


(212) 838-5122 x1000

Jenna Pearsall


(212) 838-5122 x1000

Peter J. Rubinstein

Rabbi Emeritus

(212) 838-5122 x1000

Richard Botton

Cantor Emeritus

(212) 838-5122 x1000

Chelsea Bassman

Director of Executive Administration

(212) 838-5122 x1011

Lori Dubin

Executive Assistant to the Senior Cantor

(212) 838-5122 x1016

Alle Singer

Life Cycle and Pastoral Care Coordinator and Clergy Assistant

(212) 838-5122 x1012

Joy Levitt

Interim Director of Adult Engagement

(212) 838-5122 x1007

Hilly Haber

Rabbi, Director of Social Justice Organizing and Education

(212) 838-5122 x4034

Sarah Berman

Rabbi, Director of Adult Education

(212) 838-5122 x1009

Andrew Kaplan Mandel

Rabbi, Director of Online Community Engagement

(212) 838-5122 x4092

Carolyn Roesler

Manager of Operations, Adult Engagement

(212) 838-5122 x3043

Lisa Rubin

Rabbi, Director of the Center for Exploring Judaism

(212) 838-5122 x5002

Rachel LaQuercia

Adult Engagement Team Administrator

(212) 508-3020 x4105

Rebecca Rosenthal

Rabbi, Director of Youth and Family Education

(212) 838-5122 x4031

Mikah Silverstone

Director of the Lese Center for Living Judaism

(212) 838-5122 x4043

Rena Allen

Director of Developmental Learning & Special Education

(212) 838-5122 x4044

Cindy Grebow

Director of Early Childhood Education

(212) 838-5122 x4001

Jordana Kristel

Assistant Early Childhood Director

(212) 838-5122 x4006

Shira Kobren Wasserman

Director of Family Engagement & Central Tots

(212) 838-5122 x3041

Benjamin Korman

Manager of Family Engagement and Central Tots

(212) 838-5122 x4038

Merissa Rosetti

Manager of B’nei Mitzvah Programs and LCLJ Support

(212) 838-5122 x4048

Maria LoCascio

Youth and Family Education Operations Coordinator

(212) 838-5122 x4033

Laura Baron

Youth and Family Engagement Coordinator

(212) 838-5122 x4041

Rina Bergman

Assistant Director of the LCLJ

(212) 838-5122 x4271

Eve Morin

Assistant Director of the LCLJ

(212) 838-5122 x4040

Amanda Nichols

Assistant Director of the LCLJ

(212) 838-5122 x4090

Liz Johnson

Early Childhood Department Coordinator

(212) 838-5122 x4003

Bridget Meyer

Director of Camp Central and Nursery School Teacher

(212) 838-5122 x4019

Seka Bosanac-Popovic

Nursery School Teacher

Maryssa Brenner

Nursery School Teacher

Jeni Byers

Nursery School Teacher

Elva Card

Nursery School Teacher

Susan Drucker

Nursery School Teacher

Chloe Heymann

Nursery School Teacher

Dara Kane

Nursery School Teacher

Suzanne Ramjattan

Nursery School Teacher

Jaime Scher

Nursery School Teacher

Jacqueline Sikowitz

Nursery School Teacher

Sue Stiner

Nursery School Teacher & Admissions Coordinator

Barbara Tanenbaum

Nursery School Teacher

Susy Wrizar

Nursery School Teacher

Jordan Kessler

Chief Development Officer

(212) 508-3026

Elizabeth Brown

Assistant Executive Director

(212) 838-5122 x2003

Rachael Harvey

Assistant Director of Membership

(212) 838-5122 x2006

Mike Nario

IT Manager

(212) 838-5122 x3034

Al Nicoletti

IT Support Analyst

(212) 838-5122 x2004

Yohanna Castellanos

Assistant Director of Communications

(212) 838-5122 x6091

Jessica Fleitman

PT Communications Manager

(212) 838-5122 x2007

Ally Eisenberg

Director of Event Operations

(212) 838-5122 x4007

Steve Weingord

Events Manager

(212) 838-5122 x3002

Judy Zipkowitz

Chief Financial Officer

(212) 838-5122 x2011

Sherwin Sagawa

Finance Manager

(212) 838-5122 x2013

Tom Cunningham

Finance Planning Manager

(212) 838-5122 x4274

Donna McQuillan

Payroll Manager / Accounts Payable

(212) 838-5122 x2016

Beth Clausen

Director of Human Resources

(212) 838-5122 x2014

Sharon Mann

Human Resources Associate

(212) 838-5122 x3005

David Strickland

Music Director

(212) 838-5122 x1007

Misa Iwama

Assistant Music Director

Jesse Lauter

Director of Production

(212) 838-5122 x3012

Alan Barto

Director of Facilities

(212) 838-5122 x3004

Brian Vaughan

Director of Security

(212) 838-5122 x3009

Lidia Vargas

Custodial Manager

(212) 838-5122 x3006

Nathan Williams

Breakfast Program Coordinator

(212) 838-5122 x4270

Samantha Lavine

Events Manager

(212) 838-5122 x3003

Angie Garcia

Billing Services Manager

(212) 838-5122 x2012

Alexandra Oppenheim

Membership Coordinator

(212) 838-5122 x3007

Rachel Kalter

Digital Content Manager

(212) 838-5122 x2032

Eva Smith

LCLJ Educator

(212) 838-5122 x4046

Noam Oren

LCLJ Educator

(212) 838-5122 x4049

Alef Davis

Clergy Assistant

(212) 838-5122 x1013

Nico Marino

Salesforce Director

(212) 508-3023 x2008

Natalie Shaver

Salesforce Support Engineer

Jennie Bear

Nursery School Teacher

Jennifer Kolb

Nursery School Teacher

Zoe Johnson

Nursery School Teacher

Katiria Perez

Nursery School Teacher

Jaime Hollander

Nursery School Teacher

Kellie Spector

Nursery School Teacher

Lyndsi Skewes

Nursery School Teacher

Sarina Matsil

Nursery School Teacher

Samantha Koss

Director of Development

(212) 508-3019

Shayna Fishkin Stern

Manager of Development Events

(212) 838-5122 x2023

Isabella Flanagan

Development Associate

(212) 838-5122 x2024

Eric Rodriguez

Custodial Supervisor

Stephen Harris

Custodial Supervisor

Ivan Lakicevic

Maintenance Manager

(212) 838-5122 x3011

Molly Levine

LCLJ Educator

(212) 838-5122 x4045

Marina Nebro

Program Manager for Adult Programs

(212) 838-5122 x4005

Will Salwen

Assistant Audio-Visual Manager