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Named for its founder Florence Melton, the internationally renowned Melton program for adult Jewish study offers a well-rounded and sophisticated approach utilizing a cross-denominational curriculum to provide a comprehensive exploration of Jewish thought, practice, ethics, and history.

Melton is designed for all levels of Jewish knowledge and practice—there is no Hebrew knowledge required, nor are there tests, grades, or homework. In its 30-plus years, the Melton program has graduated more than 30,000 students from its classes in “mini schools” all over the world. Central Synagogue created its Melton Mini School in 2012 and has more than 125 of our own Central graduates.

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Stay tuned for our 2021-22 year offerings. In the meantime, you can read through our Frequesntly Asked Questions: 

Who can attend Melton?

Melton is open to anyone in the Jewish community (members or non-members of Central) who wants to study on a regular basis and acquire a comprehensive foundation of Jewish literacy. It is appropriate for all levels of students (no Hebrew knowledge is required) and there are no prerequisites for Year 1.

Who teaches Melton?

Our faculty consists of Central Synagogue Clergy and other specially trained, New York-based clergy and educators.

Are there any other perks?

Yes! Not only will Melton provide you with an outstanding Jewish education, participating in it is also a wonderful way to meet new people and become part of your own small community. We find that our Melton students develop long-lasting friendships amongst themselves and strong bonds with their instructors. We also host a large, festive Shabbat dinner for Melton students and their families.