We stand as one with the people of Israel. We mourn the tragic loss of life. We pray for a swift resolution to this violence. 

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Public Viewing: Beyond the Shadows Exhibition

Tuesday, November 9, 2021–Friday, February 4, 2022

In- Person: Pavilion, located in the Sanctuary building (652 Lexington Avenue)

No registration required. We ask all guests to bring proof of vaccination and to wear masks while indoors.

The exhibition of photographs by Judy Glickman Lauder, BEYOND THE SHADOWS, describes the horrific sites of the Holocaust while telling the uplifting story of the Danish Rescue. By viewing the sites of destruction alongside the faces of Danish citizens (who, in 1943, spirited their Jewish neighbors to safety in Sweden), we can begin to see where hate leads and how we can stand up to it. 

Public viewing hours for this exhibition will be available until February 4. The exhibition will be open for viewing on Fridays at 5-6 pm (just before Shabbat services). Please see the full list of dates below:

  • Tuesday, Nov 9, 12-2 pm
  • Thursday, Nov 11, 12-2 pm
  • Friday, Nov 12, 5-6 pm
  • Friday, Nov 19, 5-6 pm
  • Friday, Nov 26, 5-6 pm
  • Tuesday, Nov 30, 12-2 pm
  • Thursday, Dec 2, 12-2 pm
  • Friday, Dec 3, 5-6 pm
  • Friday, Dec 10, 5-6 pm
  • Friday, Dec 17, 5-6pm
  • Friday, Dec 24, 5-6pm
  • Friday, Dec 31, 5-6pm
  • Friday, Jan 7, 5-6pm
  • Friday, Jan 14, 5-6pm
  • Friday, Jan 21, 5-6pm
  • Friday, Jan 28, 5-6pm
  • Friday, Feb 4, 5-6pm

The exhibition will be held in the Pavilion, located in the Sanctuary building (652 Lexington Avenue), with the entrance located on 55th Street.

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