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Celebrate Purim 2022 

This Purim, the circus comes to Central with a dazzling line-up of programming for all ages. Enjoy the greatest show on earth—our Purim spiel—as we come together under the Central Big Top for our Purim service, guaranteed to astound and amaze (costumes encouraged!). Keep the fun going throughout Adar, the happiest month of the Jewish calendar, with learning, cultural, and charitable opportunities that’ll ensure you fulfill the four special mitzvot of Purim: Hearing the Megillah (Purim story), sending Mishloach Manot (gift baskets), enjoying the Seudah (festive meal), and Matanot La'evyonim (giving to the poor). Step right up and see what's in store!

About Purim

Purim, the “upside down” holiday, is a joyous and playful one-day holiday that falls during the Hebrew month of Adar (usually late February and/or March). On Purim, we commemorate the story told in the book of Esther in which Queen Esther and her cousin Mordechai saved the Jews of Persia from an antisemitic plot devised by the evil Haman, advisor to King Ahashverosh. This book, also called the Megillah (scroll), is unique among other sacred texts in that it is considered a parody or a satire, and does not mention God.

At Central, Purim provides those of all ages with an opportunity for celebration and fun. Happenings include a Kriat Megillah, or rowdy and silly reading of the Megillah wherein listeners “blot out” Haman’s name with noisemakers (groggers) and “booing”; mishloach manot or the sending gifts (often food) to friends; matanat l’evyonim or the giving gifts to the poor; and seudat mitzvah, a festive meal, and dressing up in costumes.