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LCLJ Registration FAQs

LCLJ Registration FAQs

LCLJ Registration FAQs

Just give me the highlights.

  • Choice of day and/or time
  • Program options: LCLJ Weekday, LCLJ Downtown, LCLJ Shabbat
  • Project-based learning (PBL)
  • Engaging programing for 7th–12th graders

What are the options this year (2021–22)?

For grades PreK-6, families can register for either LCLJ Weekday or LCLJ Downtown (after-school), or LCLJ Shabbat (two Saturdays per month).

Grades 7–12 can register for LCLJ Weekday exclusively.

We are working very hard toward the goal of allowing everyone who would like to attend in person to be able to do so this fall.

All currently enrolled students are now able to register for their grade for the 2021–22 school year. Please note: When you register, you are telling us that you intend for your child to return to LCLJ next year. You will not be selecting a day of the week at this time; you are simply enrolling your child in their grade.


Do I have to be a member of Central Synagogue to register my child?

LCLJ registration is a benefit of membership. Registration for the 2021–22 school year for non-members will open on May 1, 2021. We will email all households on the waitlist who’ve indicated interest in LCLJ. You can join our waitlist here.

To learn more about becoming a Central member, please visit us here or contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

What are the different options for 8th and 9th graders?

This year 8th and 9th grade students can choose between two options: Jewish Leadership Institute and Seminar.

Jewish Leadership Institute includes:
  • 5 seminars (6 weeks each) on engaging topics such as Jewish Culture Around the World and Jewish Advocacy.
  • Exclusive access to our Jewish Leadership seminar, in which students will hear from influential lay leadership within our congregation, explore how Jewish values have dictated their professional growth and success, and begin to develop their own role as leaders within Central Synagogue’s community.
Seminars include:
  • Flexibility to enroll in 1–4 seminars (6 weeks each) on engaging topics such as Jewish Culture Around the World and Jewish Advocacy

Click here to learn more about 8th and 9th grade Jewish Leadership Institute and Seminars, including a detailed schedule and pricing.

Will days of the week get full?

YES! There is a cap on each day of the week, so if you want a particular day, please register now.

What is LCLJ Shabbat and who is it for?

LCLJ Shabbat is a family experience for students in grades K–6. Twice per month, families come together for a Shabbat morning service, learning, and community building led by Cantor Ellen Dreskin with Central educators and Clergy. This is a perfect track for families who want to celebrate Shabbat together with the Central community, or who don’t want to add an additional weekday commitment to their child’s schedule, but who still seek to incorporate Jewish learning. LCLJ Shabbat also has a weekly half-hour online tutoring session run through the Jewish Journeys Project – Hebrew Homepage and structured to fit the Hebrew needs of your child.

What about Hebrew?

Every pre-K through 6th grade student receives formal Hebrew instruction as part of the LCLJ curriculum. Students in Pre-K through 1st grades receive exposure to Hebrew words sprinkled throughout their curriculum. In 2nd grade, students begin the process of learning Hebrew letters, vowels, and sounds, and putting them together to create small words. Beginning in 3rd grade, students are divided into small groups by level. Decoding begins in 3rd grade and continues through 6th.  Learning includes reviewing the Alef-Bet up through learning modern Hebrew. Students in LCLJ Shabbat receive one-on-one Skype tutoring, provided through Jewish Journeys Hebrew Homepage  and scheduled between parents and tutors.

I didn’t think my child needed to attend religious school until 3rd grade? Why should I consider pre-K–2 education?

The LCLJ is a comprehensive program that begins in pre-kindergarten and ends in 12th grade. While students must be enrolled no later than 3rd grade to receive a b’nei mitzvah date in 4th grade, we strongly encourage parents to register their children sooner so as not to miss out on vital learning and community-building opportunities that are the foundation of Jewish education in the upper grades.

What is project-based learning?

What are tuition rates?

Different grades have different cost structures depending on the number of hours they are in class. LCLJ Weekday, LCLJ Downtown, and LCLJ Shabbat have the same price for each grade. Please visit our Prospective Families page for tutition details.