We stand as one with the people of Israel. We mourn the tragic loss of life. We pray for a swift resolution to this violence. 

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Our Staff

Our Staff


Youth & Family Engagement

Rebecca Rosenthal

Rabbi, Director of Youth and Family Education

[email protected]

(212) 838-5122 x4031

Mikah Atkind

Director of the Lese Center for Living Judaism

[email protected]

(212) 838-5122 x4043

Rena Allen

Director of Developmental Learning & Special Education

[email protected]

(212) 838-5122 x4044

Shira Kobren Wasserman

Director of Family Engagement & Central Tots

[email protected]

(212) 838-5122 x3041

Benjamin Korman

Manager of Family Engagement and Central Tots

[email protected]

Merissa Rosetti

Manager of B’nei Mitzvah Programs and LCLJ Support

[email protected]

(212) 838-5122 x4048

Maria LoCascio

Youth and Family Education Operations Coordinator

[email protected]

(212) 838-5122 x4033

Laura Baron

Youth and Family Engagement Coordinator

[email protected]

(212) 838-5122 x4041

Elise Tucker

Family Engagement Office Administrator

[email protected]

(646) 717-9424 x4039